Fun and engaging enrichment for homeschool students

Fun and engaging enrichment for homeschool students

Curriculum Library

General Information

PSD Options maintains a small Curriculum Library with resources in various subject areas that can help support your efforts to homeschool your child. The library consists of popular curricular materials in various content areas and grade levels. Requests for materials can be completed via the request form link at the bottom of this page. This resource is free to enrolled students. The only circumstances in which there are costs are if items are lost, damaged, or not returned, or if a family opts to ‘consume’ an item like a workbook. Consumable costs can be avoided if the student opts to write on notebook paper so some other similar solution.


Parents may request items at any time, however we find that it is best for families to make requests over the summer months so that we can have items ready for your child's use on the first day of school. Requested items are not guaranteed as there is a limited supply of titles and products. Items will be available for pick-up by parents on the first day of Options. All items must be returned at the end of the school year.


Parents agree to pay the new purchase cost for any consumable items (example: student workbooks). PSD Options may not stock all consumable items in the library. In these cases, parents may purchase consumables directly from the publisher. If workbooks and other consumable materials are returned unused, no fee will be charged.

Lost or Damaged Items

Parents agree to pay the new purchase fee for any lost or damaged items borrowed from the Curriculum Library

Making a Request