Fun and engaging enrichment for homeschool students

Fun and engaging enrichment for homeschool students



The PSD Options Program is part of the Poudre School District, open to students in grades K-8. The program is intended to support parents who choose to school their children at home. Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with the school supplementing and complementing their efforts.

Children attend Options classes one day per week. Our classes are designed to be hands-on and interactive, providing children a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow with other homeschool students.

Q: Why is the Poudre School District offering the Options program?

A: The Poudre School District believes there should be a lot of choices when it comes to finding the best fit for your child’s education. This may include a traditional school, a magnet program, online or hybrid, or home school enrichment.  We strive to serve the children in our local community in the way that best fits each child.

Q: What does the state of Colorado require of homeschoolers?

A: is the link to the Colorado Department of Education website.  This is the copy of the actual law.  The summary of that law includes, (but not limited to) a student needs to be schooled from age 7 to age 16.  Each school year shall include no less than one hundred seventy-two days of instruction, averaging four instructional contact hours per day.  The law includes lots of other information that parents should familiarize themselves with while homeschooling.

Q: Why is the Options program only one day per week?

A: This program is to assist and not take the place of homeschooling.

Q: Who teaches the classes, and what are their qualifications?

A: All of our teachers are certified licensed teachers in the state of Colorado.  Best of all – they love teaching, and they love kids.  We specifically look for teachers that are passionate, creative, and enthusiastic about teaching their subject area.

Q: Do I still need to submit a letter of intent to my school district?

A: We encourage you to continue to maintain your home-schooling presence with your local school district and submit a letter of intent to them.  Some parents choose to submit the letter in order to avoid the appearance that the number of homeschoolers is declining.

Q: How do I get curriculum materials provided by Options?

A: The Options office will be taking orders after your enrollment in the spring.  

Q: How much does the curriculum cost?

A: Most curriculum is checked out at no cost for the year.  Consumables (the part of the curriculum you write in) must be purchased and cannot be returned once they are ordered.  Books are ordered each May for the upcoming year. 

Q: Do I have to use your curriculum?

A: Yes and no.  If you select a class that has a required text, you must use that text for the class.  Otherwise, you are free to select any curriculum you would like to use at home.  Our curriculum is offered to you as a service to you, and you are in no way obligated to use it.

Q: Do my children have to come all day?

A: Yes.  All students must be enrolled and attend for the full day in order to participate in Options.

Q: What kind of volunteer opportunities are available?

A: Volunteer opportunities include helping in the classrooms, office, lunch / recess supervision, parties, supplies, and MORE!  Make an offer - we love to include our parents!

Q: My family travels a lot.  Can we still do that if we are part of Options?

A: Yes, you can. Because we only meet on Fridays and follow the PSD school calendar, there are many opportunities for breaks and vacation. We also respect your homeschool freedom to schedule your year as you see fit for your family.  Keep in mind that frequent absences are difficult on the other students and teachers in your child's classes. You may request excused absences prior to traveling (which will also help your teacher prepare for your student's absence). Frequent unexcused absences may forfeit your child's spot in Options, so another child on the wait list may attend.

Q: Do I have to keep school records if my student is attending Options?

A: Yes. You are required to keep records of the contact hours (time you spend instructing your student) and days you homeschool your student. You also need to keep records of what curriculum is used for each student for each year.  A planning book that helps record the assignments completed each day by your student is the best way to document and track your student’s progress.

Q: Can a student expelled from any other school, public or private, attend the Options program?

A: According to PSD District policy, no expelled student may attend the Options program.

Q: Why do I need to provide a copy of my student’s birth certificate?

A: Our desire is to give proper school credit to the proper student.  Many cases have been cited in which a nickname was used in an official school record.  Later, as an adult, this has caused difficulties in verifying transcripts belong to the proper student.  With a copy of the birth certificate, we are certain to enroll your student with the correct name and hopefully, help avoid any issues in the future.

Q: Can I register my children in Options and another school (like PGA, COVA, or a second Options site)?

A: No - you may not be a part of two publicly funded programs.

Q: Will there be homework?

A: The model in most Options classes is occasional homework.  Please refer to class descriptions for specific information about each class.

Q: Who decides which grade my child is in?

A: You do. Let us know which grade you think is best for your child. It is important to consider your child's social and emotional maturity as well as their cognitive abilities. Although this may not be the case for every child, there could also be implications in grade placement for future school programs - high school credit, concurrent enrollment, etc. We strive to place children in appropriate academic and social environments.

Q: What should I send with my child for lunchtime?

A: Students should bring a sack lunch with them. Make sure nothing needs to be refrigerated or reheated. Please do not include food items that contain any type of nuts or peanuts (which are technically a legume).

Q: How will you communicate with me?

A: We primarily contact parents through email.  Parents should also check the website for updates, announcements, and newsletters.  Teachers may choose to include handouts in their students' Friday Folders.


PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.